For more than 40 years, GUINOT’s mission has been to make women more beautiful using exclusive and innovative beauty care methods.

For Guinot, it is the beauty therapist, the beauty professional, who combines his or her expertise with Guinot beauty care methods in order to obtain results which are immediately visible.

The son of a plastic surgeon, Jean Daniel Mondin, GUINOT’s Chairman and CEO, chose to study pharmacy and obtained a doctorate.

Endowed with the expertise thus gained, Jean Daniel Mondin redefined the concept of “cosmetics” through his own perspective and his medical roots.

He is one of the few people in the world heading a cosmetics company who has also achieved a high calibre scientific degree. His education prompted him to establish a technologically advanced laboratory implementing the accuracy of pharmaceutical standards.

In his VIP treatment room, at the beauty salon in the Hotel George V in Paris, he offered exclusive Guinot treatments, in particular the Hydradermie treatment, to a clientele of foreign VIPs visiting Paris. It was this prestigious location which was the setting for the beginning of the brand’s influence. A reputation which was initially built by word of mouth!

Guinot decided to exclusively entrust beauty salons with its treatments. Only these businesses have qualified beauty therapists that can perform professional beauty treatments.

Women thus found, in the form of the beauty salon, a place of business where the beauty therapist, as a “beauty doctor”, prescribes the most suitable products for the skin.

Today Guinot has become “the benchmark” for beauty salons.

Guinot has a presence worldwide: 11,000 salons dotted around 70 countries throughout the world, including 1,800 beauty salons in France which employ exclusive Guinot treatment protocols and offer the products recommended and prescribed by beauty therapists.

  • LIFT SUMMUM (50 mins) – £80

The Ultimate Lifting Treatment. Advanced hands-on treatment that smooths the skin, reshapes the facial contours and firms the decollete with instant visible results.

  • AGE SUMMUM (50 mins) – £80

The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Treatment. Smooths fine lines and wrinkles to restore a youthful radiance using Vitamin C, Hyaluronic and Pro-Collagen.

  • HYDRA PEELING(45 mins) – £75

The Radiance Peeling Treatment. Cosmetic peel suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins. Brightens and evens skins tone to restore youthful complexion.

  • AROMATIC VISAGE (45 mins) – £55
  • HYDRADERMIE YOUTH (1 hour) – £75

The Personalised Targeted Facial. Visibly rejuvenates the skin by increasing cellular energy. Targeted to clients with unique skin type and beauty objectives.  

Anti-wrinkle, moisturising, nourishing, brightening, purifying and soothing.

  • HYDRADERMIE AGE LOGIC (1 hour and 15 minutes) – £90

The Deluxe Anti-ageing Treatment. Advanced age-defying treatment aids to combat the sign of ageing from a long lasting youthful complexion.

  • HYDRADERMIE LIFT (1 hour) – £75

The Instant Lifting Treatment. A non-invasive instant lift using muscle simulation to firm and lift facial contours.

  • HYDRADERMIE LIFT EXPRESS (30 mins) – £56

The Express Lifting Treatment. An express version of the Hydradermie Lift.

  • HYDRADERMIE LIFT DELUXE (1 hour and 30 mins) – £135

The Deluxe Lifting Treatment. A combination of Hydradermie Youth Age Logic and Hydradermie Lift Express.

  • EYE LOGIC (40 mins) – £61

The Eye Contour Treatment. Specialised age-defying treatment for the delicate eye contur targeting wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

  • HYDRACLEAN (30 mins) – £32

(Thermo clean heat)

Express Deep Cleansing Treatment. Purifies the skin, decongests the pores and refines the skin’s texture using a thermal heat action to reveal a renewed glow.