AK henna alt text.AK Stencil Design alt text. Henna is a natural plant from a bush called Lawsonia Inermis and best known for use of colouring and conditioning the hair. The henna plant, famous for Rajastan, India, grows in warm climates. The leaves from the plant are crushed and make into a paste to safely draw a design directly on the skin. The result of this temporary tattoo, traditionally reddish brown in colour, will last any where from a few days to several weeks. The application process is painless and in no way harms the skin.

Frequently recognised as Henna Tattoos, Mehndi, as it is known in India, is the latest craze yet its roots are centuries old and its practices, symbolism and traditions have been passed down through the ages by women. Traditionally the designs are placed on hands and feet, but now the modern generation has changed it all. They are now very popular on all visible areas of the body including the belly, forehead, neck, arm, back and shoulders.

Unlike other black pigment tattoos, Mehndi is not a huge commitment because of its temporary nature. For people who are too scared to endure the poking of a needle or are too ambivalent to commit to wearing the same permanent design forever, Mehndi is a wonderful alternative.

Whether it is party or traditional henna, Osheen Beauty provides you with most astonishing designs. Want something different in your henna? Then why not have colour glitter or even Swarovski diamonds in to your henna making it the most exclusive design which you ever seen.

As we are henna trained and deeply inspired by the Ash Kumar (AK) Beauty Academy (http://www.ak-products.com/pages/videos-to-inspire-you), Osheen Beauty will never let you down when it comes to experiencing magical unseen design:

  • Simple Henna          from £10.00
  • Glitter Henna           from £15.00
  • Pearl Henna            from £25.00
  • Diamond Henna      from £30.00

Please see our social network galleries such as Facebook for ideas and note that price can vary according to design required.

A patch test is required 24 hours prior to a henna treatment and a non-disclosure consent form to be completed.


After application, allow henna paste to dry onto skin for a minimum of 4 hours (the longer the henna on the skin the deeper the colour). Do not wash the henna paste, allow the henna paste to become brittle and then gently flake off the remaining dried henna from the applied area. Colour will deepen within 48 hours. Never cover the applied area. Keep away from water. Avoid eye contact.