When it comes to health and safety in the salon, policies need to be watertight to ensure that each and every client receives the utmost care. Most haircare and skincare product manufacturers stress the importance of performing a patch test prior to using the product, but there are still many salons that fall short of ensuring that each and every client is tested to see how their skin or hair will react to certain ingredients.

People continue to ignore the warnings on the labels of the products they use. If you’re one of the many who don’t give patch tests a second thought, you may want to rethink the risks and consequences you are making yourself prone to.

At Osheen Beauty we place client care at the top of our list, and as our portfolio has expanded, so has the need to ensure everyone is trained in the correct tint application procedures, to make certain that any reactions are kept to a minimum.

No matter your age or ethnic background, everyone should take caution and do a patch test when trying out a new product. Because it is impossible to know what each person is allergic or sensitive to, patch tests are perfect for determining what ingredients or chemicals can trigger an allergic reaction, if any.

We take patch testing very seriously, and patch test every customer at least 48 hours before their HD Brows treatment, even if they are regular clients, as allergies can flair up at any time. Our stylists always apply tint only slightly bigger than the desired design (see image above). The left tint application is incorrect and the right is correct; it only needs to coat the hairs immediately round the desired shape. We also remove all excess tint and not to leave it on longer than needed. Tint should be checked after 30 seconds, and if this still needs to develop further, we consider that the development time is up to 15 minutes. All excess tint is removed with a dry cotton pad, cleaning it off the skin.