Sculpt and shape

The shape of a brow is just as important as a haircut; brows frame the face – they’re not just there for decoration! Some suffer from gaps in their brows thanks to intrusive plucking, while others really don’t have much in the first place. Others insist on keeping things ‘overly voluminous’, and some assume that a simple swipe of a pencil will suffice. These days it’s all about creating the shape, taking into account the client’s face shape but also their eyes. The overall appearance is affected by the length, arch and thickness of the brow, so it’s about creating the best brow for that individual client, whether they love Kim K’s brows or not.

Colour and define

The right coloured brow can enhance or age a client’s face in seconds. But while the standard industry rule tends to focus on going one shade lighter than the client’s natural colour – it’s said to keep the brow looking dense rather than heavy – you will get clients that insist on almost black brows when their hair is blonde. To combat this, contrast and compare shades, side by side, or rather, eye by eye, using a variety of tones. Once you’re agreed on the tone, your client can either stick with daily make-up application or try a product such as HD Brows Make-Up which is perfect if they just want to top up their colour. To give your client the perfect brow service, and to make your life easier, try the HD Brows treatment. This two-step tint comes in two tones, dark brown and black; apply the tint, then the developer (no mixing required!) Your clients will then leave your salon with the most natural, healthy brow look.